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More Stars Than the Heavens

A Classic RPG Community

Classic Stars Pending
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The is the community of pending members at classic_rpg. Here you will post your RPG journal within a week and then added to the member list. Once you added, you may post in class_redcarpet, where newbies introduce themselves.

-Please have an icon of the person you potray in your RPG journal.
-You have 1 week to create your journal. Post to in this community to notify the mods when your journal is completed.
-Your journal has to be updated every four weeks or you risk the chance of it being deleted from the community. The only exceptions are those members who notify the mods beforehand, that the journal will not updated be in that timeframe (i.e. if you're going on vacation or have school exams coming up, please tell us. No one wants to come back and find out their journal has been deleted from the community).
-If you have any questions, please notify classic_help.